Cops Follow Potato Chip Trail To Collar Man For Burglary Of Subway Restaurant

Police followed a “trail of chips” to arrest a Pennsylvania man who allegedly broke into a Subway restaurant early yesterday and only made off with nine bags of the savory potato crisps.

Investigators charge that Benjamin Sickles, 21, broke out three glass windows at a Subway in Washington, a city 20 miles southwest of Pittsburgh. He then broke a glass door and entered the store around 2:23 AM.

Sickles, pictured in the mug shot, approached the cash register, but apparently was unable to secure some loot. So he “threw cups at cash register, grabbed two hand full of chips (9 bags)” and exited the Subway with the stolen snacks.

When Washington City Police Department cops arrived, “a trail of chips lead to suspect who was on steps of Washington High School,” according to a criminal complaint. The Subway eatery is only a couple of blocks away from the school, from which Sickles graduated in 2009.

Charged with burglary, criminal trespass, theft, and criminal mischief, Sickles’s cell location is in the Washington County jail, where he is being held in lieu of $30,000 bond.

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Onions on Burgers Send TN Men on McRampage

Two McDonald's patrons are under arrest after an allegedly "messed up" cheeseburger order led to a drunken rampage.
The men say they told grave-shift workers at a McDonald's in Murfreesboro, Tenn., to hold the onions on their cheeseburgers, Nashville's WTVF-TV reports. But when they discovered the offensive onions hiding under their buns, they went back to the drive-thru to demand satisfaction.
The McDonald's manager, however, wasn't lovin' it.
"We got cussed out and told to get the 'F' out of their line," McDonald's rampage suspect Chris Slate, 21, told WTVF.


Pittsburgh Mayor Forced To 'Tebow' After Losing Bet On Game

Is Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl getting caught up in the Internet craze inspired by Denver Broncos’ Quarterback Tim Tebow? No, he’s just making good on a bet.

Prior to the Steelers’ season ending overtime loss to the Broncos on Sunday, Ravenstahl made a friendly playoff wager with his counterpart in Denver, Mayor Michael Hancock.

As part of the deal, Ravenstahl agreed to don a Broncos jersey and strike the infamous prayerful pose for a picture.

Since the Broncos bested the black and gold, Ravenstahl made good on the bet by taking a knee in Roberto Clemente Memorial Park on the North Shore this morning.

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Incensed By Judge Judy, Florida Woman, 62, Attacks Husband, 65, With Hammer

A Florida woman who reportedly became incensed while watching TV’s Judge Judy was arrested Sunday after she allegedly struck her husband on the head with a hammer.

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Cops: Dead Squirrel Tossed In Drive-Thru Window

While all sorts of stuff has been thrown by enraged motorists through the drive-thru window, it wasn’t until last week that someone got arrested for heaving a dead squirrel at a fast food worker.

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It's beginning to eel a lot like Christmas

An aquarium in Japan is shocking visitors with its Christmas display -- using an eco-friendly electric eel to illuminate the lights on its holiday tree.

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